Silutech has the responsibility to provide the higher quality products and accept our customers to prepare the final inspection.

Quality Inspection

SILU GROUP 2018-08-06 15:05:59

SILU Group has the responsibility to provide the higher quality products and accept our customers to prepare the final inspection. After receiving our inspection notice, the buyer shall get to know the inspection requirements, prepare inspection material, inspection tools if needed, then arrange inspection time. The buyer also canentrust the third party to provide the inspection services.

1) To know about the factory production, the use of raw material, warehouse location, packaging workshop, to check factory inspector how to check product quality, To know about factory inspection basis, and how to deal with defective goods.

2) Confirm the inspection way, inspection quantity, implement the inspection procedures.

3) Control the contract requirements, check the quantity of goods, the exterior packaging, shipping mark printing, the product color, material, weight, tidiness, etc., and take pictures to record.

4) For defective and quality problems of products, stick good defects label, and photos record. Timely communication with suppliers, ask the reason, put forward suggestions for correction.

5) Carefully check  whether the packing, packing box size, code number, shipping mark printing, tags in compliance with the contract.

6) Product quality inspection: in the permissible error range, measuring product weight, size, thickness, weight, etc.

7) Color check:
1. If no pantone color number  to provide for the production of products, need to  confirm with original sample whether have off color.
2. The pantone color number has provided for the production of products , need to confirm with pantone color  whether have off color.

8) Ake sure whether all the inspection have omissions, If  need to offer product testing report, ask for supplier to get it. To be sure inspection report can objectively reflect the quality of product problems.and require suppliers signature confirmation.

9) Sent the inspection report to the company and customer, and asked the factory to make the specific measures to correct the problem.(The 3rd Party)

10) Ummarize the problem easy place, share to colleagues, avoid to appear similar situation again to reduce the probability of occurrence.

The Buyer must have effective communication with SILU Group to confirm the inspection schedule, In many cases, the buyer shall be notified to go through the inspection of goods at or before the time of shipment. Unless otherwise specified, the buyer is supposed to undertake the charges of inspection thus incurred for his own sake.

SILU Group will provide clerical support quality assurance standards and inspection of goods to inspection team. We will work out, implement and follow up corrective action according to the quality problems found in inspection and testing.