Outdoor LED Display Projects in Peru

SILU LED Projects in Peru

SILU GROUP 2018-08-06 15:05:59

Led Displays installed in Peru suceffully, thanks to our partner AOC company, they made a lot of efforts to support us from last year!

Our outdoor P10mm LED displays, by using Epstar Chip, Guoxing gold line SMD3535, Chipone 2038 IC and Xinguang Suits, 1.2mm IP65 Iron Cabinnet. This kind of outdoor LED Displays really up to be the Middle-High Configuration product level, and also we provide 3 years quality warranty and free maintnance date, the major important that many customers may care about is that the price is relaible and lower than the other companies that do the same configuration.

Our outdoor P16mm Stadium Led Displays, almost are the same configuration with P10mm, but the soft module suits and stadium cabinets is our own design and produce, this kind of stadium led displays can be put and set freely, the viewing degree can be adjust from 45 deg. to 90 deg. to satisfy the diffrent applications.