Outdoor Led screen, pixel pitch 5.0 mm,6.0 mm,8.0 mm,10.0 mm,10.4 mm, cost effective Iron Led cabinet, fixed application.

C10.x B02

C10.x B02Item No. SILU-S-CXX-B02

C10.x B02-group is our cost-effective fixed outdoor LED displays, they come at an attractive price without compromising on performance and reliability

* 6,500 nits outdoor LED display
* Unique shader design for enhanced contrast
* Cost-effective LED display
* Ideal for basic applications
* Brilliant colors
* Nonlinear calibration ensures clearer image
* Reliable and stable
* Diverse display mode
* Easy operation

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Silutech`s C10.x-B02-group LED displays are specifically designed for fixed installations in branding, DOOH (advertising) and retail applications. They come at an attractive price without compromising on performance and reliability. Building on our experience with high-end LED technology, the C10.x-B02-group delivery imaging performance.

Easy setup and management

The C10.x-B02-group is managed and controlled by the dedicated C-series Toolset (VTS), a direct derivative of the first-class Director Toolset. The VTS comes with an intuitive interface for easy display management and offers advanced options such as brightness, gamma and color temperature control and display configuration. TheCV-series are an excellent choice for basic LED display applications.

Shaders for enhanced contrast and image quality

Silutech`s C10.x-B02-group features an unique shader design with louvers that minimize the reflection and impact of the sun on the LEDs, offering enhanced contrast levels and improved contrast/brightness ratio. It allows for lower absolute brightness levels that guarantee a longer LED lifetime without compromising on image quality.

Widest Viewing Angle

When an LED Display is viewed off Axis, vertically or horizontally, the viewing angle becomes an important factor to consider. As the view point moves to an acute angle in relation to the screen, the brightness and colour may become compromised. The point where the brightness drops to 50% of the on axis brightness, or when the colour begins to shift, determines the maximum viewing angle. CreateLED products are designed to maximize viewing angles and reduce colour shift, ensuring the best off axis viewing experience.


ITEM P5mm B02 P8mm B02 P10mm B02
Pixel pitch(mm) 5.0 8.0 10.0
LED configuration SMD3535 SMD3535 SMD3535
Scan mode 1/8 scan 1/8 scan 1/2 scan
Pixel density(dot/m²) 40000 15625 10000
Module pixel 64X32 40X20 32X16
Module size (mm) 320X160 320X160 320X160
Module mask Black Black Black
Cabinet pixel 192X192 120X120 96X96
Cabinet size(mm) 960X960X105 960X960X105 960X960X105
Brightness (cd/m²) ≥6500 ≥6500 ≥6500
Refresh rate(Hz) 1920~3200 1920~3200 1920~3200
Power consumpation Max (W/m²) 600/900 600/900 600/900
Power consumpation Aver (W/m²) 360 360 360
Cabinet material Iron Iron Iron
Cabinet weight (KG) 46 46 46
IP Rating IP65 IP65 IP65
Maintenance Back Back Back
Operation system Windows OS Windows OS Windows OS
Certicicates* CE, RoHS, CCC, ETL*, FCC* CE, RoHS, CCC, ETL*, FCC* CE, RoHS, CCC, ETL*, FCC*

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C10.x B02 is a type of fixed installation LED display suitable for outdoor billboards.

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