Silutech`s near­ seamless LCD video wall for tiled video wall applications.

LCD Video Wall

LCD Video WallItem No. SILU-I-L55PX-A01

Silutech`s near­seamless LCD video wall for tiled video wall applications.

* User-friendly: Compatible with Windows,easy to learn and operate
* Smart: Can be controlled through a PAD, mobile phone, or via "cloud"
* Flexible: Diverse mosaic display features:flexible control software for information displays, signal switching and other operations
* Window size, position can be corrected at any time for call implementation in the form of demonstration program
* Via the control port for LCD splicing gap to compensate for geometric correction to reproduce any image rate, to meet the individual needs
* Professional: Professional video processing technology;Supports 4K, 1080P HD playback and other formats, can run smoothly in full screen 3D motion picture mosaic state, to achieve high precision, high-resolution, 3D graphics display output, meet the professional users need of 3D display, animation and other 3D software applications

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Silutech's L55PX is a high-performance, high level brightness (700 cd/m² typical) 55" LCD-panel, dedicated for use in tiled video wall applications. With an extremely narrow bezel of only 1.8mm or 3.5 mm (0.14"), excellent colors, uniformity and a wide viewing angle, the L55PX A01 takes the visual performance of LCD video walls to a new level.

Its best in class temperature sensor controlled heat management system, uses ultra low noise fans to ensure optimal cooling at all time, maximizing the backlight's lifetime. Additional innovations and low power consumption ensure this panel delivers maximal image quality at a minimal TCO.

Saving costs with automatic color and brightness calibration

All the different screens in a tiled LCD video wall need to be perfectly balanced in terms of colors and brightness, so regular calibration is essential. As the first and only manufacturer, Barco now introduces its Sense X automatic color and brightness calibration system, that lets you calibrate the complete wall within minutes, without any external sensor or manual intervention.

External power supply without performance loss

As an option, you can choose an external power supply. This allows to greatly reduce the maintenance costs, as there is no need for an expensive specialized technician. Everybody with a screwdriver can maintain and replace the equipment. Unlike competing models there is no performance impact for longer cables, so the external power supply can be positioned up to 100 meter from the video wall without any loss in image quality or brightness.


ITEM L46PX A01 L55PX A01 L46PX A01 L55PX A01 L47PX A01
  LCD technology IPS IPS IPS IPS IPS
  Resolution 1920*1080 10bit 1920*1080 10bit 1920*1080 10bit 1920*1080 10bit 1920*1080 10bit
Image aspect ratio 16:9 16:9 16:9 16:9 16:9
Brightness 500 nit 500 nit 700 nit 700 nit 450 nit
Contrast rate 3000:1 3000:1 3500:1 3500:1 2500:1
Color 16.7M 16.7M 16.7M 16.7M 16.7M
Viewing angle 178(H)/178(V) 178(H)/178(V) 178(H)/178(V) 178(H)/178(V) 178(H)/178(V)
Response time 8ms 8ms 8ms 8ms 12ms
Size(HxVmm) 1023.98x578.5 1215.5x685.5 1023.98x578.5 1215.5x685.5 1045.08x590.22
Bezel(mm) 1.8/3.5/5.5 1.8/3.5/5.5 1.8/3.5/5.5 1.8/3.5/5.5 1.8/3.5/5.5
Power supply AC100~240V/50-60Hz ≤2A AC100~240V/50-60Hz ≤2A AC100~240V/50-60Hz ≤2A AC100~240V/50-60Hz ≤2A AC100~240V/50-60Hz ≤2A
Power consumption 160W 180W 175W 195W 160w
Interfaces Analog input VGA 1 1 1 1 1
CVBS 1 1 1 1 1
Analog output CVBS 1 1 1 1 1
Digital input HDMI 1 1 1 1 1
DVI 1 1 1 1 1
Control interface RJ45(RS232) 2 2 2 2 2

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